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Any Roycemore student in Grades 4-12 can participate in interscholastic athletics regardless of skill level.

The Athletic Department at Roycemore helps the school celebrate individuality and inspires excellence by:

  • Emphasizing student participation in athletic programs over competing at the highest level possible
  • Establishing sportsmanship, character development, a positive attitude, and teamwork as the top priorities for all Roycemore athletes
  • Modeling goal-setting and planning as important life skills beyond the court or field
  • Promoting the benefits of a strong work ethic and sound preparation and practice habits
  • Instilling in all students a life-long appreciation of the benefits of exercise and the important role physical activity plays in determining the quality of life

Participation Forms

In order to participate in Roycemore Athletics, students must complete the following forms: 

  • Concussion Acknowledgment and Consent
  • Either ISHA's Pre-Participation Examination OR Certificate of Child Health

These forms must be turned in to before a student may participate in their first athletics practice or game. 

All forms can be found linked below.

Upper School Sports

Sports at the upper school level are open to students of all genders and skill levels in grades 9-12. Depending on the league or conference, students may compete on all-gender, she/they or he/they teams. 

Middle School Sports

Sports at the middle school level are open to students of all genders and skill levels. There are several sports that are grouped by grade level and include fourth grade. Click on the sport you are interested in to learn more.



To view a schedule of games and practices for sports currently in season, click here.

All student-athletes participating in athletics must complete the proper paperwork included in our back-to-school forms. There are several forms and documents that are required before your child’s first day of school. For ease of gathering that information, we have compiled a list of necessary documents. Please find the list of forms required for participation here and linked for download below.

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