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Strategic Plan

At Roycemore, our diverse and intimate community, rooted in academic excellence, inspires each student to discover their passions, think without limits, find their voice, and live courageously. This mission statement drives our vision of launching responsible citizens, innovative thinkers, and compassionate leaders into the world where they will be the standard bearers of our core values: scholarship, integrity, community, respect, and compassion.

The Roycemore School Board of Trustees is tasked with safeguarding our commitment to the school’s mission, vision, and values, and establishing the long-term and strategic goals of the school. In keeping with this role, during the 2021-2022 school year, the Board of Trustees worked with the administration and other members of the school community to prioritize and summarize our goals for the next few years.  

Our strategic plan focuses on four key areas: Talent, Excellence, Belonging, and Sustainability.

Here, we present the key goals that emerged from this work and mark our commitment to building upon the solid foundation of our history and traditions while focusing on our shared future and the next generation of Griffins.


Recruit, support, and retain a diverse community of educators who are committed to being compassionate leaders that embrace innovation and the development of responsible citizens.

  • Attract and retain world-class educational leaders.
  • Nurture our inclusive culture to recruit and retain faculty that reflect the diversity of our student body.
  • Increase professional development opportunities.


Uphold Roycemore’s Portrait of a Graduate as the framework for strengthening and developing foundational and innovative academic programs which inspire students to discover their passions, think without limits, find their voice, and live courageously.

  • Deepen opportunities for students to learn through experience.
  • Design an active and student-driven service learning program.
  • Expand our vision of launching responsible citizens.


Empower the Board-level DEI Committee to coordinate with staff, administration, and the community to prioritize, fund, and support diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging initiatives.

  • Listen to our community members' perspectives and experiences to inform Roycemore's definition of diversity.
  • Uphold Roycemore's legacy of providing a safe space for our community to feel seen, heard, and known.
  • Commit to the understanding that this work is never complete.


Grow Roycemore's capacity for program funding, capital improvements, and long-term investments.

    • Follow comprehensive financial plans.
    • Sustain the culture of philanthropy.
    • Maintain our welcoming campus where our community feels at home.

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