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As a longstanding educational institution of the Evanston and Greater Chicago communities, Roycemore values partnerships with the people and places around us. These partnerships offer unique opportunities for students to engage in service learning, internships, extended academic and extracurricular programming, and more.

Adobe Corporation

We are proud to have a partnership with Adobe Inc. that brings important digital resources to the students of Roycemore and extends their creative potential. Our Design Thinking initiative introduces a problem-solving approach to the curriculum that all students experience, starting in Pre-K and continuing through high school. This approach has been prevalent in businesses and organizations around the globe, but is relatively new to the educational world. Adobe was instrumental in securing Creative Cloud licenses for the entire faculty and student population at Roycemore and continues to provide additional teaching support based on the digital needs of our students.

Learn more about Adobe and Creative Cloud.

Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communication at Northwestern

Roycemore School has partnered with Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism on past projects, including the first Adobe Creative Jam hosted on a high school campus. Medill students have served as mentors to our Upper School students and as part of the Roycemore staff through the University’s work study program. We have also proudly served as the backdrop for University interviews and in other capacities.  

Learn more about Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communication at Northwestern.

Northlight Theatre

Roycemore is excited to partner with the local Northlight Theatre. Roycemore and Northlight collaborate on the creation of opportunities for students to participate in internships and experiential learning projects such as the January Short Term or Personal Passion Project. In addition, we are happy to partner with Northlight on the creation of opportunities for students to participate and learn from collaborative projects, including opportunities around performance, productions, marketing, promotion, and non-profit management.

Learn more about Northlight Theatre.

Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development

The Northwestern University Center for Talent Development (CTD) is dedicated to helping academically talented students realize their full potential. At Roycemore, we believe our approach to teaching mirrors education developed for gifted and talented students and we feel that every student deserves to be taught in a gifted style.

Learn more about Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development.

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management

We are a participant in the annual Board Fellows Program at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Through this program, Roycemore hosts a graduate student in Kellogg’s MBA program on our Board of Trustees. They are assigned a Roycemore mentor and get to see firsthand how an effective Board of Trustees can provide important and meaningful leadership to a non-profit organization. 

Learn more about Northwestern Kellogg School of Management.

Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy

The School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University has long been a strong partner of Roycemore School. We have co-hosted speaker events together and engaged in book discussions about topics that matter to our families and the education community as a whole. Research is also a big part of what makes SESP an academic leader in the field and Roycemore students have had the unique opportunity to participate in various research projects through our affiliation with SESP.

Learn more about Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy.

OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at Northwestern

Northwestern University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a vibrant community of lifelong learners with the motto of “Curiosity Never Retires”. Roycemore has partnered with OLLI for a number of initiatives including Tech Tutoring. OLLI members can meet with Roycemore Upper School students for regular one-on-one tutoring to better understand the technology offered on their personal device. This has been a great way for Roycemore students to give back to the community while also sharpening their own communication skills.

Learn more about OLLI.

The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Our partnership with the Family Institute at Northwestern University has brought important relationship-building and behavioral health resources to the Roycemore community. Their commitment to strengthen the relationships between children, adolescents, couples, and families brings forth a variety of services that can be helpful for all families. These services range from individual counseling, to group therapy, to helpful monthly parenting tips. 

Learn more about The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

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