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Student Success Team

At Roycemore, our goal is to develop independent learners who understand their learning styles in order to advocate for themselves and benefit from a variety of educational opportunities. Through our Student Success Team, students receive support in areas of need and can be challenged in areas of skill and talent.

Social Emotional Development and Support

The role of the School Social Worker is to enable students to achieve their fullest potential academically by assisting students to develop coping skills, increase self-esteem, improve interactive skills, and facilitate environmental changes that will enable successful functioning within the learning setting. The Social Worker also provides crisis intervention as well as individual and group intervention services supporting mental health issues for students, as well as their community and family. Ms. Cossen works with students PK-12, both pushing into the classroom for group social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons as well as facilitating smaller group sessions or individual conversations as needed.

Learning Assistance

As the Learning Assistance Team, we embrace diversity in learning styles and understand individual needs.  Over the years we have supported students in the areas of reading, writing, executive functioning, organization, and attention/focus. We work with students in a variety of ways such as one-on-one assistance, small pull-out groups, and push-in classroom support. One-on-one support is scheduled in advance with families and is offered for an additional service fee while the other areas of support are provided as part of our program.  We develop curriculum and support teachers in the areas of advancement, enrichment, accommodations, and modifications when appropriate.

We work with families, colleagues, and additional professionals including our consulting psychologist to support each student’s unique needs. Our team, in partnership with the family, will evaluate each student’s needs, assess each student’s strengths, and analyze our resources to ensure that we are giving quality attention to their academic career and to determine if Roycemore is the right fit. We ask families to share any evaluations completed before applying to Roycemore so that we can ensure quality programming for the individual student. If an evaluation has not been completed, we may encourage families to seek further testing to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the student.

Gifted Programming

Roycemore's Gifted Coordinator collaborates with Faculty and Division Heads to bring differentiation into the classroom. Depending on the circumstances, this may involve creating extension and enrichment opportunities on top of the regular curriculum or creating small push-in or pull-out groups with academic peers. We take multiple factors into account when determining whether a student should be referred for gifted support; these may include standardized test scores, observations from the Faculty, the Learning Support team, and parents and family, and the student’s recent work and report cards. Flexibility runs through the heart of our gifted programming. We continually assess students to determine how it can best serve them. This enables us to create truly individualized education programs for every age group.

STEAM Programming

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