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Lower School

In our Lower School, we strive to help children develop self-esteem and lifelong learning skills in a safe, nurturing and diverse community. Each student’s personal success is ensured through a stimulating and personalized college-preparatory curriculum focusing on the growth of the mind as a whole.

Lower School Experience

The core curriculum is taught by the classroom teacher. Students also receive instruction in world languages, art, music, physical education, and library skills from specialized faculty.

Our Lower School faculty use a variety of educational approaches like differentiation of instruction and teaching on the gifted model to ensure that all students are challenged at their own levels of achievement and are not bored. Character education is taught and emphasized throughout the school day. The school day runs from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. From 7:30 a.m. until the beginning of school, there is a designated room with supervised activities for all Lower School students arriving early.

Academics and Curriculum

The core curriculum is taught by the team of Lower School teachers with support from our Student Success Team. Students also receive instruction in French, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library from specialized faculty.

Differentiation of instruction ensures that all students are challenged at appropriate levels. We teach in a workshop model, which ensures that each child is challenged and engaged in their learning. This means students are taught using a variety of methods such as mixed ability grouping, interest-based learning, project-based learning, individualized tasks, hands-on learning, and choice boards. Students receive additional support from the Learning Specialist and the Gifted Coordinator as needed. These services are determined by following a process that involves teachers, parents, and the Division Head.

At Roycemore, our approach to learning is pragmatic and flexible. This is seen not only in our method of teaching the curriculum in a workshop model but also in the layout and seating in the classroom. When you walk into a LS classroom, it is not unusual to see students working in a variety of spaces, using a variety of flexible seating options. They could be sitting at a traditional desk or working at a table, but you may also see them on scoop chairs, ball chairs, sitting on the floor, or using lap desks. We believe children learn best when they are comfortable.

Integrated units are a focus of Roycemore. Integrated units allow for the use of larger blocks of time to dive deeper into a subject while integrating specific areas of study. The curriculum is integrated in a manner that focuses on carefully chosen themes, books that are read, shared, and discussed as a whole group or in literature circles, and project-based assignments that give greater depth to literacy, math, and social studies skills and content. Students learn and practice valuable research skills within all themed units, completing various types of research projects. 

D.I.G. Deep

Each spring, the Lower School devotes a week to an in-depth, project-based study of design thinking and problem-solving. While this type of learning occurs throughout the year, this week specifically allows students the opportunity to dive deep and solve a larger-scale problem they identify. Different groups explore different aspects of a problem to be solved, working together in multi-age groupings that engender collaboration and team support. Students have proposed solutions for improving the playground, garden, and other outdoor spaces.


Before and After Care

Roycemore’s Extended Day Program (EDP) is available for students in pre-kindergarten through Grade 5, for an additional fee. EDP provides socialization, outdoor and indoor physical activities, enrichment, and snacks. EDP begins at 7:30 a.m. and goes from after school until 6:00 p.m. The Extended Day Program is also offered during some vacation periods.

Extra Curricular Activities

For students in Grades K-4, after-school enrichment activities or clubs are offered daily until 4:00-4:15 p.m. Besides being fun, they emphasize academic skills, enhance the school’s curriculum and involve socialization, higher-order thinking skills, and learning to follow directions. The clubs offered to vary from year to year, depending on interest and sponsor availability. Some clubs are sponsored by teachers, some by parents, and others are offered for a fee through outside organizations. This year, Lower School students can participate in Chess Club, Creative Improv with Mudlark Theater, Cross Country running, STEAM, Fitness Fun Friday, Lego Club, Martial Arts, and the Sprout Gifted program.

Schedule Options Time
Grades 1-4
8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
*Thursdays (Professional Development)
2:00 PM Dismissal
Extended Day Program (EDP)
3:15 PM - 6:00 PM, *Thursdays 2:00 - 6:00 PM

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