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Discover Your Passions

Student-centered and experiential learning opportunities allow students to explore topics they are deeply curious about.

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Think Without Limits

Students are challenged where they excel while being supported where they need it.

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Find Your Voice

Our Portrait of a Graduate emphasizes the importance of social-emotional skills alongside scholarship and citizenship. Students learn how to advocate for themselves and others.

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Live Courageously

Our intentionally small community prioritizes personal relationships. Students feel seen, heard, and known by their teachers and peers which helps them reach their full potential.

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Agnes Kolbeck '08,

“Thinking back on my time at Roycemore, I most value how my teachers were collaborators in my education. They didn’t tell me what to do or how to do it – they sought out my strengths and used them to help me excel. By the faculty modeling how to pull out my best and play to my strengths, they taught me how to do that on my own. The key to my education at Roycemore went so far beyond the classroom. They taught me to know myself, to love myself, to advocate for what I wanted, and that anything is within reach. These lessons have served me far beyond my years at Roycemore and presented me with opportunities that my peers have missed out on – both academically and professionally. I think more impersonal school settings can sometimes discourage students from asking challenging questions and digging deeper in ways that Roycemore definitely encouraged me to do.”

Linda R.,
Alumna, Alumna Parent, and Grandparent

“Roycemore has provided students with the best of private education opportunities in grades PK-12 for over 100 years. It has expanded and grown in excellence over the years. My daughter’s family chose to enroll two of their children in upper and middle school. As an alumna of Roycemore, she knows firsthand the benefits of small classes, diversity, and Roycemore’s commitment to academic excellence. Now three generations can speak to the benefits Roycemore continues to provide its students through opportunities to expand a student’s potential by showing respect for the individual in a safe community. These values have not changed over the years, and continue to stand out as a unique educational experience for each student.”

Zoe K. '19,

“My time at Roycemore was defined by the things that make it a great experience for so many of us. We had small class sizes, so we could dive deeper. We had personal relationships with all of our teachers, and they really got to know us, how to help us, and how to push us. We were a close community that supported each other. I would tell freshmen that academics should come first, but make time for the other stuff – it is just as important. Roycemore allowed me to do just that.”

Middle School

“Roycemore is the perfect school for my daughter. Each student is taught at their individual level while also being challenged. Each lesson allows her to be creative and express herself without feeling rushed or stressed. I have seen her anxiety over school disappear overnight because she feels understood and supported. She has made friends and connections that will last a lifetime. I love that Roycemore is diverse and offers scholarships so people, like me, can afford to send their child to this school.”

Lower School

“Roycemore fosters a strong sense of community. Students are encouraged to develop independently and as part of a team. Social-emotional development is emphasized along with academics. At Roycemore, my child is more than a student. She’s learning to be a leader and an active, contributing member of our society and our world.”

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