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Student Life

Beyond The Classroom

Our extracurriculars allow our students to apply the knowledge they have outside of the classroom. From our performance teams to our tumbling program, students are building self-esteem, encouraging teamwork, and promoting positive leadership and school spirit, all within our safe and supportive environment. Our extracurriculars reflect the diverse student body of Roycemore. With over 50 clubs for our students to join, there is no shortage of growth opportunities. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Roycemore is a college preparatory school that recognizes and embraces the unique talents and attributes of each individual student. We believe that our differences are our strengths and provide us with opportunities to appreciate multiple backgrounds and perspectives. Roycemore’s students are gearing up to be the next leaders of the world and in order to be well-rounded, open-minded people, we believe that the educational experience must reflect the importance of connecting with peers from many backgrounds.  

Events and Traditions

Several annual all-school activities bring the divisions of the school together, including Hour of Code, Roycemore Day, Palio, Spirit Week, Wassail, and the Young Evanston Artists Festival. Roycemore’s community is like a second home to the families who are enrolled.

One of our favorite traditions, and our oldest, is Palio. Palio is a whole-community effort to share and recognize our students’ athletic skills, from being able to bounce a ball five times in a row to performing incredible gymnastic flips and feats. These all-school activities bolster the strength of our community leading to greater student success.

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