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The simple answer is, that your gift will make a difference here. We are a small school where every student counts, and every gift makes a difference.

Roycemore has an over 100-year history dedicated not only to a smaller school environment where students are truly known but also to opening that environment to students of many different backgrounds. It is a place where who you are is so much more important than your financial situation, academic prowess, or cultural background. Roycemore lifts the individual while creating community.

The Small School Difference

It is logical to assume that students in a classroom with 18 children receive much more dedicated time from a teacher than in a classroom of 25 or 30 children. 

But the small school difference doesn’t end with the classroom teacher. 

It is the librarian who has time to cultivate a relationship with each student, so she can help them achieve their learning and reading goals. It is the math teacher who sees a 95% slip to a 90% and asks, “what’s going on, how can I help?” It is the receptionist who knows that their favorite color is pink and that the dress is new, or that they may need a little extra care on a broody morning. 

This is the importance of a small school - it becomes a home. 

This incredible environment is due to the support of our entire community, from current parents and grandparents to alumni and their parents – all who want to see Roycemore continue to thrive.

Why does Roycemore need support in addition to tuition? 

The simple answer is that all independent schools depend on philanthropic support to bridge the gap between the actual costs of running a school - including facility operations, teacher salaries,  supplies, and student experiences with the revenue generated from tuition. Operating a school based on tuition alone would exclude so many from the Independent experience. 

A more complex answer is that Roycemore values economic diversity in a way unmatched by our sister schools. To keep tuition costs affordable, and to bring in families from an incredible array of backgrounds, we need annual support from our community. The return on your investment is the knowledge that you have participated in the foundation of a lifetime of scholarship, integrity, community, respect, and compassion.


Please consider a gift today to our Annual Fund.

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