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Upper School

Upper School Experience

If students are to achieve their full potential, they need and deserve an educational setting in which a person is not just a number, coursework is as interesting as it is challenging, there is unrestricted access to extracurricular activities, and there is an opportunity to establish positive relationships with peers and adults. Character development is celebrated as a way to ensure accountability, self-awareness, and independence in the effort to prepare a student for success in college and beyond. Within the context of Roycemore School’s overall mission, the Upper School program is rooted in academic, personal, and social growth objectives. 

College Counseling

Individual College Counseling for Every Student Grades 9-12

From the moment they enter the Upper School, future Roycemore graduates and their families begin the very personal process of planning for college with our Coordinator of College Counseling, who builds a rapport with each student. In consultation with advisors and teachers, our College Counselor offers counseling on the best college choices based on each student’s personality, desires, and academic record.

January Short Term

JST, a long-standing Roycemore tradition, gives Upper School students an opportunity for independent, exploratory study. With guidance from staff and project directors, students spend three weeks researching a topic that is meaningful to them. JST helps students learn to build and apply the knowledge that they find personally enriching.


The Upper School follows a unique hybrid schedule allowing several benefits for students. Students learn time management skills through a rotating hybrid schedule as classes do not always meet at the same time. Students at Roycemore are highly involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletics. There is an activities period built into the schedule to allow students to pursue activities that they are interested in with minimal conflict. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves during office hours which faculty provide before and after school for students to take advantage of for questions or additional support. As an intentionally small school, Roycemore prioritizes flexibility for students based on their interests, needs, and commitments.

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