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Nina Rozes is a FACTS Innovation Award Winner!

Community News Friday, 03 Feb 2023

On Friday, the Roycemore community gathered in the MPR to celebrate! Our Innovation Coach and STEAM Teacher, Nina Rozes, has been named Innovation Teacher of the Year by the educational technology company, FACTS

The FACTS Teacher Innovation Awards were created to recognize exceptional educators creating lasting educational impact through grassroots innovation in their schools. Hundreds of teachers across the country applied, and Nina was selected as one of five who received the top prize of $5,000 for personal use and $1,000 for Roycemore School. Nina also received a round-trip package to the ELEVATE National Conference in Orlando this summer where she will present her project. Her award-winning submission project, created in collaboration with Ms. St. Amand and the Roycemore 9th Grade World Studies History class involved 3D printing and creating a virtual reality museum of ancient artifacts with a ninth-grade World Studies class.

As a PK-12 educator and teaching coach, Nina has helped schools throughout Chicago and Indianapolis infuse technology and project-based learning into their curriculums. In addition to teaching courses like Visual Arts, Design Thinking, and Graphic Design over the course of her career, Nina has empowered both teachers and students to employ real-world applications of theory and think critically. Nina joined the faculty at Roycemore School during the summer of 2022. Roycemore is glad to have her as a valuable member of the team! 

“Innovation is creative progress,” Nina explained in her application. “People have innovated since the dawn of time to solve challenges, learn from mistakes, explore curiosities, and build a better future. Big and small innovations have shaped our world. Innovation is a necessary characteristic to foster development for our future.”

As the Innovation Teacher and Coach at Roycemore, Ms. Rozes collaborates with teachers to develop lessons that incorporate new types of technology, empower students to think outside the box, and merge art-making, science, and math.

“Humans are naturally curious, creative, and have the desire to build a better environment for themselves and others. From infancy, we all learn, build connections, and develop our understanding of the world. We do this by testing the limitations of the objects around us, exploring different thought patterns, and finding our own physical limitations. We are naturally inclined to refine our innovative practices and learn from our mistakes in order to imagine and build solutions to more complex challenges. Therefore, all humans are highly capable innovators!”

“FACTS believes that supporting grassroots innovation in the private K-12 school community will create lasting education impact. It takes creative thinkers and bold initiatives to make educational dreams possible through service and technology. Based upon our mission, FACTS is introducing an annual award that recognizes excellence in the classroom by honoring 5 outstanding teachers for their innovation, creativity, and commitment to the students they serve,” FACTS states on their website.

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