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Roycemore Family Association

The aim of the Roycemore Family Association (RFA) is to continue building the close community the school nurtures. The RFA helps welcome new families to Roycemore and provides many volunteer opportunities and events that help engage families.

Your Membership with the RFA

All Roycemore Families are encouraged to volunteer, you are a member of the RFA simply by being a Griffin family. Many volunteer opportunities will be published in a general call for volunteers to the community of parents, guardians, and grandparents. These may include chaperone duties, concessions, events, storytimes, class projects, proctoring exams, gardening, or other fun opportunities to immerse yourself in Roycemore school. Parents, guardians, and grandparents are welcome to volunteer cross-divisionally.    

The RFA has many different ways to be involved including: 

  • Roycemore Family Association Chairs 
  • Roycemore Family Association Class Representative 
  • Parent Ambassadors 
  • Parent Admissions Team 
  • Parent Annual Fund Captains 
  • Auction and Scholarship Dinner Committee

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