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Building the Foundation for Lifelong Learning

Each child is unique, and here at Roycemore, we believe in the importance of meeting their individual physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs in order to propel their excitement for learning.

Roycemore's Early Childhood Program, beginning at age 3, provides students with a solid foundation to ensure a lifetime of learning. As a Pre-K student at Roycemore, your child will learn to think critically, develop social-emotional skills, and work collaboratively as a member of a caring classroom community.

Children learn by doing, not by sitting on the sidelines. Our small student-to-teacher ratio allows many opportunities for children to try new things while receiving one-on-one attention from the teacher.

We offer several programming options to fit families' schedules:

3-Day Pre-K (Half Day) *With the option to add Lunch Bunch

5-Day Pre-K (Half Day) *With the option to add Lunch Bunch

3-Day Pre-K (Full Day)

5-Day Pre-K (Full Day)

*Options for before and after school care are also available.

Our experienced, certified Early Childhood Education teachers present academic skills and concepts to the children in a fun, meaningful way, specifically for preschoolers. Pre-reading and early math skills are integrated throughout the day, during both structured and unstructured classroom activities. 

Throughout the year students learn each of the essential components of our Early Childhood program: 

  • social-emotional development
  • writing, reading, and mathematics
  • science and social studies
  • music, movement, and art

Learn more about the Early Childhood curriculum in the guide below:

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