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Unite Against Racism 2023

Community News Friday, 28 Apr 2023

Roycemore School is proud to participate in YWCA Evanston/North Shore's annual Unite Against Racism event. As YWCA states, "Unite Against Racism is designed to allow communities to stand together in various ways—acknowledging that racism exists, has detrimental effects on all of us, and that we will work for racial equity." 

The Roycemore School Community has been participating in the local event for several years, with some of the posters students have made, decorating the halls year-round and serving as important reminders.

As part of Roycemore's Portrait of a Graduate, the topics of 'cultural humility, globally focused problem-solving, and curiosity for diverse perspectives' are woven throughout the curriculum from Early Childhood through Upper School, in addition to other relevant topics. Students have recently focused on learning about being an upstander, anti-racist, and activist as it relates to the Unite Against Racism event.

The Roycemore School Community gathered on the school's front lawn along Ridge Avenue on Thursday morning to unite with the greater community in advocating for a more equitable, inclusive, and just future.

Read more about the event from "The Daily Northwestern", here.

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