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Tribute to Edie Eisner

Wednesday, 11 Oct 2023

Roycemore School is deeply saddened to share with you the passing of beloved alumni faculty and lifetime trustee, Edith “Edie” Eisner.

Mrs. Eisner’s commitment to the Roycemore community is unprecedented. Her 29-year-career at Roycemore spanned divisions and decades, from her hiring in 1956 as an English and Latin teacher to her retirement in 1985 as Roycemore’s Director of Admissions. “Mrs. Edie” was beloved for her warm presence, expectation of excellence, and passion for instilling Roycemore’s core values in each of her students. She knew Roycemore was, in her words, “the little school that could,” and she made a believer out of everyone she encountered.

After her retirement, Edie continued to invest another 29 years by serving on the Board of Trustees. During her decades of service on the Board, she oversaw Roycemore’s expansion into our 1200 Davis Street campus, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the school, and witnessed Roycemore’s growth through seven heads of school. Upon her retirement from the Board in 2018, she was named as Roycemore’s first Life Trustee and welcomed to the Class of 2018 as an honorary Alumna; at that ceremony she was given an honorary diploma from Roycemore School. Edie herself was noted as saying, “It is the most esteemed group I could have joined.”

In addition to her service as a faculty member and trustee, Edie and her husband, Robert Eisner, were devoted benefactors of Roycemore through philanthropy. Upon Robert’s passing in 1998, Edie, together with her family, established the Robert Eisner Distinguished Scholarship Program in his memory. This scholarship awards up to three students with a full tuition scholarship to Roycemore’s Upper School, based on a commitment to academic excellence, community service, and leadership. This scholarship provides students with the benefit of a Roycemore education, something Mrs. Eisner deeply believed in the impact of and wanted students to experience.

She took every opportunity to engage with people about her beloved school. She made Roycemore her life’s work. Known for her incredible wit and wry humor Edie worked tirelessly throughout her lifetime to encourage alumni and leadership to engage with the Roycemore she loved, and helped to establish the very core of our values. Edie, even years later, remembered details about her students knowing them as individuals which, over the course of a lifetime, became a tenant of the school she loved so much.

Edie made an indelible mark on Roycemore School. Her legacy lives on through the generations of students, faculty, administrators, trustees, and parents she inspired to follow their hearts.

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