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Student Spotlight: Roycemore Senior, Tomás P.

Monday, 15 May 2023

Roycemore senior Tomás P. recently visited the third grade to speak about his Mayan background. The third graders were extremely engaged and enjoyed asking Tomás a plethora of questions. Born in Guatemala, Mayan history and culture are important to Tomás, and he intends to study the topic when he begins college next year at Macalester College.

During his visit with the third-grade class, Tomás shared photos and stories of his time in Guatemala and other parts of Latin and South America. He talked about Mayan history and shared parts of past projects he has worked on, most specifically his recent January Short Term project.

For his JST in 2023, Tomás did a deep dive into the Pre-Columbian Cultures of Latin America, including the similarities and differences in architecture, advancements in technology, and the cultures of pre-colonial Latin American civilizations. He took a trip to Mexico City and its surrounding areas, to explore the history of the Aztecs, learning about a story of a civilization and culture that once ruled the land.

The year prior, Tomás chose to study immigration. In January 2022, he traveled from Chicago to La Posada Providencia in San Benito, Texas. During his visit, he explored many areas of the shelter including case management, transportation, gardening, and maintenance. In addition to the trip, Tomás organized a fundraiser to purchase headphones for the guests. Many La Posada guests arrive with little to no personal belongings due to varying circumstances during their immigration journey. Headphones are a thoughtful gift that serves both practical and recreational use.

Throughout his time at Roycemore, Tomás has had many opportunities to explore these areas of study, ultimately, shaping his future college plans. Thank you, Tomás, for sharing your background, experience, and passions with our community!

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