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Roycemore - Nîmes Exchange 2024

Community News Friday, 03 May 2024

Last week, Roycemore School welcomed 21 students and 2 teachers from Nîmes, France in the second year of an exciting international exchange partnership. For eight days the guests stayed with host families from all divisions of the school and the community, joining in their hosts’ routines and activities and getting to experience American culture firsthand while practicing their English communication skills.

The students were curious to sample the Roycemore US curriculum and they were warmly welcomed into US classrooms for Robotics, American Literature, Sociology, AP Bio, Piano, and Music Theory. The students attended and presented at an all-school assembly on Friday, sharing takeaways from their visit.

Outside of their time at Roycemore, French students and teachers were busy exploring the classic Chicago sites such as the Willis Tower, the DuSable Museum, the Wabash Art Corridor, the Field Museum and an afternoon of shopping on the Magnificent Mile, among other activities. Over the weekend, French guests and host families gathered to attend a White Sox game together.

Host families also enjoyed sharing some of their favorite family activities with the students including bonfires, lakefront bike rides, zoo and museum visits, local walks, visits to Northwestern’s campus, and a trampoline park!

We are proud to partner with families locally and internationally to foster meaningful and enriching educational experiences for all parties. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this wonderfully successful exchange, especially our warm and generous host families, and Madame Leavitt for building this partnership.

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