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The Early Childhood Experience

Early Childhood Wednesday, 17 Apr 2024

"As a parent, selecting the right early childhood program for your little one can be difficult. If you are anything like me, you want an academic environment that combines education, play, and hands-on learning with a strong community that values diversity, social-emotional development, and friendship building. The Roycemore Early Childhood program meets and exceeds that description. 

The Roycemore Early Childhood program is an academic foundation that inspires a love of learning while focusing on intellectual curiosity, character development, and individuality. I’m proud that my daughter has been a part of this Early Childhood program for the past two years.

From the moment you step into the brightly decorated classrooms, it's evident that this program is designed with children's needs and interests at its core. The environment is happy, inviting, and filled with age-appropriate learning materials that stimulate curiosity and creativity. It’s difficult not to get excited and inspired by all the learning opportunities that your child has.

One of Roycemore’s standout features is its highly qualified and dedicated teachers and administrators. Enabled by a small teacher-to-student ratio, these educators go above and beyond each and every day to: 

  • get to know your child and their unique traits
  • create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where children are encouraged to develop friendships
  • make education come alive through group activities and individual learning. 

They ensure that each child receives the attention and guidance they need to thrive. In turn, I was able to get to know the teachers in a meaningful way. This relationship allowed us to have a deeper conversation about my daughter and her development.

I'm constantly impressed by the level of communication and involvement encouraged by Roycemore. Weekly updates on learning, with suggestions for family engagement ensure that parents are kept informed and involved in their child's learning journey every step of the way.

The Roycemore Early Childhood Program is more than just a classroom where children learn the beginnings of reading and math. It's a nurturing community, a diverse environment, and a space where children are encouraged to discover themselves."

-Alana Y., Current Roycemore Early Childhood and Lower School Parent

If you are interested in learning more about Roycemore's Early Childhood program, please reach the Admissions Department at or register for an admissions event to learn more!

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