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Do MORE with your summer at Roycemore!

Friday, 21 Apr 2023

Written by: Dr. Luke Berryman, Director of RoyceX and Inspiration Factory, and Gifted Coordinator at Roycemore School

Education has undergone a radical shift over the course of the 21st century. In our digital era, the days of rote learning are over. This is why schools and educators are increasingly focused on critical thinking, experiential learning, and teaching beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.

Roycemore School is proud to have taken the lead on this with its series of innovative summer camps. We are helping new generations of students to step into the future with confidence and creativity!

For middle and high school students, we have “RoyceX.” These enriching week-long courses, which run from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm each day, give students rare opportunities to study subjects that they would not encounter in a regular curriculum, and in ways that they would not normally study them.

Whatever their subject may be - whether it’s cookery or medicine, psychology, or studio art - the idea of RoyceX is for students to immerse themselves in a subject and master it by doing it somehow. That may mean engaging in hands-on activities, from dissections in one of the school’s wet laboratories to creating architectural designs in one of its cutting-edge art studios. It may mean leaving campus to go into Chicago and visit a university, the Art Institute, or the Adler Planetarium. 

RoyceX courses are designed and delivered by a unique combination of Roycemore’s own full-time faculty, and by emerging leaders in their field, like doctoral students in medicine and criminology at our city’s best universities. All of our RoyceX courses give students the chance to connect with experts. 

For younger students, Roycemore has an exciting range of summer courses in its “Inspiration Factory.” These courses incorporate the same principles as RoyceX and add a big twist of play. From LEGO Robotics to Little Chefs & Manners, it’s a place for kids to improve their skills in everything from math to literacy, build their social-emotional competencies, and create friendships while having fun together.

Roycemore’s summer programs begin on June 20th and they run until August 11th. You can learn more here.

At Roycemore, we believe that learning should always be exciting, hands-on, and engaging. Give your child the gift of a summer to remember and enroll them in one of our programs today!

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