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Faculty Friday: Vicky Pickett, Director of Finance and Operations

Faculty Friday Friday, 10 Feb 2023

This Friday, we’re getting to know one of the people who keep the school running in top shape, Vicky Pickett. 

Vicky is Roycemore’s Director of Finance & Operations, meaning that she’s in charge of making sure that both the daily operations and the big-picture of the school are running smoothly.

Vicky’s days at Roycemore involve collaboration with all departments. She handles bills, coordinates with our vendors, and works with our maintenance department to ensure that the building and the people inside are taken care of. The best part of her job is watching things come together; she describes the crux of her work as “Making sure the faculty is available to do what they can do best.” Her support of the entire school embodies the spirit of collaboration that Roycemore teaches in our Portrait of a Graduate.

Vicky has an extensive career working in the nonprofit world, with positions ranging from television programming management to operations. She came to Roycemore after more than 25 years of working in financial management and business process improvement for Northwestern University. In that job, she learned the importance of creating strong relationships with her coworkers, and she even kept in touch with her first manager there (they exchanged emails earlier this week!). In her own words, she’s a “process person,” meaning that she loves to create plans and implement a vision in the most efficient and effective way possible. This detail-oriented point of view allows her to balance multiple perspectives and ensure that as Roycemore grows, we stay grounded in our values and mission.

For those who’ve had the pleasure of working with Vicky, it won’t come as a surprise to know that she lists kindness and humor as two of the values she endeavors to lead with. Whether it’s popping on a Chewbacca mask before a 7:00 am Health and Safety meeting, or reminding the admin office that it’s “Fri-YAY” every week, she brings genuine heart and humor to Roycemore. When she’s not in the office, she’s curling up with a murder mystery or exploring different cuisines in Chicago. If you ever need a restaurant recommendation, she’s the person to ask!

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