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Faculty Friday: Margarita Stoimenova, Middle School Learning Specialist

Faculty Friday Friday, 16 Dec 2022

This Faculty Friday, we introduce you to Margarita Stoimenova, Roycemore’s Middle School Learning Specialist. 

Margarita is integral to  Roycemore’s educational ecosystem. Her work is guided by her drive to advocate for those students who need it, as well as support their teachers and parents. 

As the Learning Specialist, Margarita’s work is multifaceted. She collaborates with students, parents, and teachers to ensure that Roycemore is serving the needs of every middle schooler. Her goal is collaboration and communication; the materials she develops and the modifications she ensures are being implemented are unique to each learner. Whether or not she works with a student individually, she has weekly contact with every middle schooler during their Executive Functioning Skills class. This class offers students time dedicated exclusively to understanding what it means to direct their own learning and is dedicated to helping MS students develop as active, self-motivated learners.  

Outside of the classroom, Margarita stays busy as the faculty sponsor of the American Sign Language Club, Cheer Club, Bullet Journaling Club, and Math Club. She’s also a co-facilitator of the Homework Club. She is fluent in ASL and works with upper school students to run an independent study in ASL. Her commitment to Roycemore students’ academic success and emotional development is clear in the multitude of ways she shows up for our entire school community. 

Margarita is also a traveler and life-long educator. Raised in Rogers Park and Evanston as a first-generation American, she attended Kent State University to get her degree in Deaf Education before switching to K-12 Intervention. Before coming to Roycemore, she spent two years teaching high school in Columbus, Ohio, and two years teaching in Yup’ik Eskimo Village in Alaska. She’s taught every grade from K-12 in some capacity during her educational career and brings that experience to Roycemore. When she’s not teaching, you can find her in nature or making art; she believes it’s important to cultivate new experiences, both big and small. 

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