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Faculty Friday: Eva Lambert, MS and US Humanities Teacher

Faculty Friday Friday, 06 Jan 2023

This Faculty Friday, we’re getting to know Roycemore’s newest teacher, Eva Lambert. 

Eva joins Roycemore as an MS/US Humanities teacher, working with our 7th & 8th graders as well as our Upper Schoolers. 

Eva has always been a writer. Growing up in Asheville, North Carolina, she developed a deep appreciation for literature ranging from graphic novels to the work of Toni Morrison. Eva's family is full of English teachers and educators; her grandfather was awarded National Teacher of the Year in the 80s and her grandmother currently serves on the Johnston County School Board. They taught virtually as both an early childhood Montessori guide and a college business writing professor during the pandemic and at one point had students ranging from 18 months to 46 years old! 

Fundamentally, Eva believes that writing can change the world and endeavors to pass this along to her students. They hold a M.A. in English, Rhetoric, and Composition, and completed a thesis focused on the rhetoric of environmental legislation and human rights in South Africa. She continues to be fascinated by the impacts of writing on people’s lived experiences and how writing and rhetorical concepts can be applied to improve lives and rights. Eva’s expertise helps Roycemore students strengthen their critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills.

Eva describes their classroom as a flexible and dynamic space that uplifts voices that are traditionally underrepresented. Whether she’s teaching students the value of a first draft or exploring characters in novels like I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, she focuses on asking questions and creating open communication with her students, two skills that help them feel comfortable stepping up as writers and scholars. Eva’s goal is to create a space that values progress over product but still allows students to leave feeling mastery over their writing skills.

Outside of the classroom, Eva continues to tell stories through a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that her family plays over Zoom and enjoys reading the work of fellow North Carolinian David Sedaris. They are a recent transplant to Chicago and enjoy discovering the best places to eat in the city and spending time with their two cats.

If you are interested in learning more about Roycemore’s Humanities curriculum, visit https://www.roycemoreschool.or... to register for an event or schedule a call with Admissions!

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