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Faculty Friday: Dr. Brynn Leavitt, Middle School and Upper School French Teacher

Faculty Friday Friday, 02 Dec 2022

Meet Dr. Brynn Leavitt, Roycemore’s Middle School and Upper School French Teacher!

Dr. Leavitt’s multifaceted experiences in life and language inform her role as Roycemore’s Middle and Upper School French teacher. Her Ph.D. research at Middlebury College focused on metacognitive strategies in the language classroom, she’s a triathlete, and she's taught three languages across four countries. Brynn brings a unique perspective to the Roycemore World Languages department based on her experience traveling and her passion for educating students about French culture and history in addition to the language. 

Brynn’s graduate research and teaching have taken her around the world. She taught English at the British School of Siena while also interpreting for a culinary school. She completed some of her master's degree studies in France and experienced cultural and language immersion. After returning to the U.S., she used her language knowledge to translate and advocate for refugees from French-speaking African countries. Her biggest adventure so far was moving to England in 2012, where she and her husband lived for six years. There she taught French and Italian, coached sports like rounders and field hockey, and was even crowned the Henley-on-Thames Sprint Triathlon Champion!

At Roycemore, Brynn focuses on educating her students about the culture, food, and history of France in addition to the language. Her goal is to help her students understand language in context and develop an appreciation for French and francophone culture. Recent projects included a cross-divisional collaboration for Veterans Day, where French students created flowers in remembrance of veterans for the whole middle school and went into classes to present the history and cultural significance of this tradition. Brynn has also been incorporating the World Cup, or la Coupe du Monde, into her classroom! Students have cheered on France in a match, learned World Cup vocabulary, and will continue to do projects related to this current event up until the final.

The educational experiences that Brynn creates for Roycemore students embody the principle of Cultural Humility, one of the qualities identified in our Portrait of a Graduate. When asked about her reason for teaching, she specifically mentions that “examining our roles within local and global communities,” is an essential part of every lesson. No matter if it's through cultural projects, field trips, or learning about the imperfect tense, Brynn will continue to inspire Roycemore students to explore the world and its people through language!

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