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Faculty Friday: Ashley Smith

Faculty Friday Friday, 25 Mar 2022

Faculty Friday: Ashley Smith, Kindergarten Teacher

Originally from New England, where most of her extended family still lives, Ashley’s family moved to Florida when she was a young teen. She is the second oldest out of five kids and they grew up in a household where academics and athletics were very important. She received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Wisconsin, where she earned a degree in Sociology.

Upon graduation, she worked for CBS Radio and Clear Channel Communications as a Sales Executive. This is where she met her now husband, Jeffrey. Together they have a young daughter who also attends Roycemore.

In 2014, Ashley went back to school and received her Early Childhood Teaching License from Kendall College. While in school, she started working at Roycemore as the Pre-K Teaching Assistant. This is where she began to fall in love with teaching and working with little kids. After she received her license, she became the Pre-K teacher at Roycemore. Mrs. Smith taught Pre-K for three years and is now the Kindergarten teacher.

“Teaching is a personally rewarding profession,” Ashley says. “It is a great pleasure and privilege watching my students’ personalities grow day by day and see how they develop in their learning. I get to experience things with them for the first time and see the excitement in their eyes.”

At Roycemore we believe that it is our responsibility to meet his or her individual physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs.

Students in our Early Childhood program (preschool ages 3-5) experience a tremendous period of intense growth. Our youngest students learn to think critically, develop social-emotional awareness, and become part of their classroom community which builds character. Roycemore has carefully crafted classrooms that are diverse learning centers that represent the students and the outside community through the choice of materials and activities.

“When I began my teaching career at Roycemore, I knew from day one that something special was happening here. Almost eight years later, it still feels that way!”

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