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Faculty Friday: Amanda Reinglass, 3rd Grade Teacher

Faculty Friday Friday, 20 Jan 2023

Happy Faculty Friday, Roycemore! This week we’re getting to know Amanda Reinglass, Roycemore’s 3rd Grade Teacher.

Originally from Highland Park, Amanda has been a teacher for almost her entire life. Her mother is a Kindergarten teacher, and Amanda fondly remembers assisting in her mom’s classroom from the time she was a kindergartener herself. During that time, she learned that teaching is as much about passing on values of respect and kindness as it is about getting mastery over content areas. 

Amanda has always loved working with children, from helping out her mom to the five years she spent as a camp counselor, but entered college unsure of where that passion would take her. After a fortuitously-timed Meyers-Briggs test, she chose to pursue Elementary Education. She describes elementary-aged students as “sponges,” capable of soaking up an incredible amount of information about the world. Imbuing her students with a love of learning and a curiosity about the world is essential to her teaching philosophy, and so is creating a sense of community.

If you were to peek into Amanda’s classroom on any given morning, you’d encounter one of the rituals that help her to build a sense of community: Morning Meeting. Rather than treating the start of school as arbitrary, she marks it as a time for reflection and essential social-emotional learning. Each month focuses on a different topic, from “emotions” to “belonging” to “perseverance.” After Amanda reads them a book, students discuss their connections to the topic and then take some time to reflect independently. By engaging in both modes of processing heavy topics, students can express themselves and be vulnerable at their individual comfort levels, while practicing listening to their peers.

Another way Amanda encourages students to express themselves is through creative art forms. Students can choose to present their research findings through a drawing, a poster, or even a song. Amanda’s background as a visual artist allows her to connect with her students’ creative impulses. Outside of the classroom, you can find her painting and creating art of all kinds. She also loves reading by the beach and spending time with her family. 

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