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Faculty Friday: Andrew Mahlan

Faculty Friday Friday, 11 Mar 2022

Meet Andrew Mahlan, Middle School Science Teacher!

Mr. Mahlan grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and studied Biology at Loyola University Chicago. After his graduation from Loyola, he studied at Providence College in Rhode Island, where he earned his Masters’s Degree in Secondary Education. During that time, he taught Middle and High School Science and Math at a K-12 school in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Science has always been a passion of his and he continually looks for ways to expand his knowledge about the world around us. He loves learning about how living things function and interact with each other and he feels so fortunate that he is able to share his passion for science with his students. In his free time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring different cultures through food and travel, following local sports teams, singing, and spending time with his family and friends.

“I always aim to inspire my students to have curiosity for the world around them and to ensure that they care for themselves, others, their community, and the world,” Mr. Mahlan says. “Especially in today’s society, all people should consider the impact that they have on the environment and should seek out ways to care for our planet. Our students are our future, so it is essential that they are equipped with the tools that they need to make meaning of the world around them and to be able to intelligently approach and solve the problems of tomorrow.”

Mr. Mahlan sets up routines for students to start off class which includes Mindfulness Monday, What’s Up Wednesday where students can ask any scientific question they would like, and the student favorite Fun Fact Friday where students learn about an animal fun fact each week. Students will also often ask to see Mr. Mahlan’s fun socks at the beginning of class, as he rotates through his collection of over 60 fun socks throughout the school year!

Andrew believes Roycemore creates an environment where all students are given the tools and support that they need to succeed. “This individualized approach to learning allows all students to reach their fullest potential and to know that they are being cared for as individuals. Also, Roycemore’s emphasis on project-based learning, particularly through the Personal Passion Projects and the January Short Term, allows students to show their knowledge in a variety of ways and gives them the agency to explore ideas that most interest them,” he says.

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