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Christopher English's Statement to the Roycemore Community

Head of School Friday, 12 Aug 2022

To the Roycemore School Community:

Educational consultant Mike Murphy asked me to describe my ideal school. In his 44 years in independent education, he has learned how important it is for a school community to possess a common purpose, shared values, and authentic connections. He listened as I talked about an intense focus on the needs of individual learners and the strength and value of diversity. He asked probing questions as I talked about progressive education, empathy, a belief in mutual success, and my desire to surround myself with genuine, caring, and committed professionals. When I finished describing where I wanted to be, the school community that would match my personal and professional goals, Mike leaned into the camera and said, “It sounds like you’re talking about Roycemore.”

In the months since my first conversation about this amazing school community, I have tried to hold some healthy emotional distance between my desire to join Roycemore and the recognition that this search process would be highly competitive. Now, knowing that I have the honor of being named the next Head of School, I cannot wait to fully embrace my role in this incredible community.

Lori and I are excited to further explore the connections and conversations that we started on our visit. From shared experiences with people who have lived in some of the same places we have lived, to delighted students who wanted to share their art, their love of the school, or interesting facts about penguins, we were amazed by the ways we were already beginning to feel at home.

Kathleen Scheidt responded to my signed letter of intent with a simple, “Welcome Home.” We are so thankful for this welcome, and we look forward to sharing this sentiment with each and every member of the Roycemore Community.

Chris EnglishHead of School-Elect

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