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Choosing an Independent School Community

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2023

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a family can make. At Roycemore, we encourage all of our families to invest in their child's education intentionally. As a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 school, we focus on creating a diverse and intimate small-school community that pays attention to the whole-child experience no matter their age. 

There are so many reasons why a family might make the choice to attend a small independent school:

1. Class sizes: At Roycemore, small class sizes are a priority. By keeping individual classes small, we foster a supportive learning environment and allow for differentiated instruction at all grade levels. Whether it's an Upper School Independent Study, a small group of Middle Schoolers in accelerated math, or a Lower School breakout reading group, our students are challenged and supported at a level that works for them.

2. Community and relationships: Head of School Chris English says it best: “At Roycemore, your child is seen, known, and supported.” Each student who walks through our doors is introduced to a close-knit community with multiple adults to guide, mentor, and educate them. There's no fading into the background at Roycemore!

3. Rigorous academics: Roycemore's curriculum is structured around our Portrait of a Graduate. Students are asked to embody three key areas: Scholarship, Citizenship, and Emotional Intelligence. We believe that these skills and habits of mind are essential for young people to cultivate in order to achieve success in our rapidly changing world. As students move into higher education, they are prepared to excel and supported through our individualized college counseling program, which starts in 9th grade and continues through the end of their 12th-grade year.

4. Specialized programs: Not all learning happens inside the classroom, and Roycemore's signature Experiential Learning Programs take our students into the real world to put their knowledge into action. Programs include January Short Term in the Upper School, where students create a three-week-long research project, internship, or creative endeavor supported by a professional mentor; Personal Passion Projects in Middle School, where each student works over the course of a year to answer a question, solve a problem, or improve something in the world; and Problem Solved! in Lower School, where the entire community comes together for one week to solve a real-world issue.

5. Values-based education: Roycemore's core values of Scholarship, Integrity, Community, Respect, and Compassion inform everything we do. We believe that each student is an individual and deserves to have an individualized education. Moreover, we work as a community to empower each Roycemore Griffin to become a leader in their own learning. 

Learn more about what small independent schools like Roycemore can offer by visiting campus for an admissions event. You'll have the opportunity to meet current faculty, connect with student and parent ambassadors, and take a tour of our building. Register for an admissions event by visiting https://www.roycemoreschool.or...

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