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Celebration of Dedication and Excellence 2023

Community News Wednesday, 03 May 2023

Roycemore values every opportunity to gather together as a full PK-12 community, particularly to celebrate the individuals who make a difference in our school every day. On Friday, April 28th, we did just that with our Celebration of Dedication and Excellence, an annual assembly that honors teachers, students, and volunteers who have demonstrated their commitment to the school.

Head of School Chris English spoke about the importance of recognizing the impact that these educators have on both their students and the school as a whole. This year, five faculty members celebrated significant milestones in their careers at Roycemore. 

We recognized Erin Kelly Gaines, Receptionist; Katie Hilton, First Grade Teacher; and Dr. John Trowbridge, International Liasion and World Language Teacher, for five years of service at Roycemore. All three faculty members contribute to the Roycemore community through their involvement in student activities, mentorship, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. In addition to being a friendly face to visitors and community members, Ms. Erin serves as a faculty advisor to the Teen Empowerment Club and an organizer of the Mental Health Con. As the International Student Liaison, Dr. Trowbridge collaborates with students and families to create positive learning experiences for students studying in the US. Finally, Ms. Hilton runs the ever-popular LEGO club for Lower School students and uses a STEAM lens when planning an engaging curriculum for her first-grade classroom. 

Stefanie Rivera, who is currently the Upper School Division Head and will transition to Director of Community Engagement and Belonging next school year, celebrated ten years at Roycemore. Ms. Rivera joined Roycemore as a Middle School English teacher and continues to spend time in the classroom by teaching Upper School Drama and directing Roycemore’s spring performance every year. As Ms. Rivera prepares for her new role, she’s looking forward to collaborating with all divisions to foster an increased sense of community, inclusion, and belonging at the school.

Finally, Roycemore honored Mrs. Karen Byrnes for thirty years of dedication and service to the school! Mrs. Byrnes is currently the Upper School Learning Specialist and also teaches Upper School History, but has worked in many different positions at Roycemore in her thirty years here. Current students and alumni alike cite Mrs. Byrnes as a central part of their Roycemore experience, whether she took them on one of her iconic Europe JST trips or provided them with snacks to keep them energized during the school day. Mrs. Byrnes was recently featured in Faculty Friday and spoke about how the relationships she’s built throughout her years at Roycemore have made her experience truly special. 

While each of these faculty members received a shoutout for their years of service, the Celebration of Dedication and Excellence also honored the faculty as a whole. Roycemore is lucky to have a group of educators and administrators who lead with empathy and innovation every day. Thank you to each of our faculty members for their dedication and commitment to the school and most importantly to our students.

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