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An Intentional Community

Head of School Tuesday, 17 Jan 2023

Head of School Chris English's thoughts on intentionality and choosing a school community

Belonging to a community is often the result of happenstance. People find themselves immersed in a community as the result of where they were born or the circumstances of their birth.  While there are certainly benefits to these communities, they do not reflect a conscious choice, a decisive moment in which the individual weighs options and takes a purposeful step to become a part of something new.

Choosing an independent school should be a careful, intentional choice. It is a decision to make a lasting investment in a child’s education, perhaps the most meaningful and impactful investment anyone can make. 

At Roycemore, we are careful and intentional about the community that we create. Our values (Scholarship, Integrity, Community, Respect, and Compassion), are not simply aspirational attributes, but rather, the core expectations for how we engage in our daily lives.  

We foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, open-mindedness, and perseverance in each student, as part of preparing students to succeed in college and beyond. Our commitment to truth, personal responsibility, and fairness in our judgments provides a foundation for the sense of trust throughout our school community as we adhere to high ethical standards. We recognize the inherent value in ourselves, others, and our planet. We embrace our responsibility to fairly consider points of view that differ from our own and to promote personal well-being. We care for each other, our school, and our diverse communities. Our commitment to an inclusive culture of encouragement and mutual respect promotes individual expression, thoughtful risk-taking, active learning, and personal growth. We strive to be kind, forgiving, and empathetic as we work toward our collective and individual goals. Seeking understanding before making judgments is the backbone of our caring community for all members of the school and beyond.

This is who we are.  This is what we work to preserve.  This is intentional.  This is Roycemore.

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