Faculty & Staff

Adrianne Finley Odell - Head of School & Interim Middle School Division Head  Twitter feed
Amanda Avery - Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
Bea Jenkins - Receptionist
Sara Keely McGuire - Director of Development & Yearbook Co-Sponsor

Heather Lucey - Systems & Operations Coordinator
Melinda Orzoff - Lower School Division Head
Vicky Pickett - Director of Finance & Operations
Stefanie Rivera - Upper School Division Head, English & Theater
Beth Shutters
Director of Technology & The Middle School Experience Twitter feed
Ziggy Zapart - Building Maintenance

Darcy Aksamitowski - Grade 3  
Justin Bailey - Early Childhood Assistant
Dea Beaugrand-Place - Extended Day Program & Coordinator of Summer Camp
Sarah Bixby - World Languages 
Karen Radke Byrnes - Upper School Learning Assistance, History & Community Service Coordinator
Daouda Camara - Upper School French
Stacia Campbell - Coordinator of College Counseling & Upper School English 
 Twitter feed
Katherine Carson - Upper School Mathematics
Jay Einhorn - Consulting Psychologist

Robyn Floyd - Extended Day Program 
Tom Fogarty - Upper School Science & Mathematics
Theodora Franck - Upper School History & Yearbook Co-Sponsor

Lynne Greene - Middle Science & Mathematics
Wendy Griffin - Middle School Learning Assistance
Yun He - International Family Liaison & Mandarin
Ruth Hecht - Middle & Upper School Art

Elizabeth Henricks - Grade 1
Julie Herrick - Lower, Middle & Upper School Music Twitter feed
William Horine - Upper School Social Studies & JST Coordinator
Lawrence Hunt - Upper School English & Scholastic Bowl

Elke Kenyon - Early Childhood Assistant
Lexe Lemonides - Middle School Zone Supervisor & After Hours Reception
Robert Linkhart - Athletic Director & Physical Education
Caitlyn Liubin - Early Childhood Assistant
Heather Loperena - Upper School Spanish & Athletics Coach

Patricia Malkinson - Middle School Mathematics
Susie Massey - Junior Kindergarten 

Amy Milner-Gorvine - Middle School Humanities Facebook group
Beth Negronida - Upper School Mathematics
Alyson Novesky - Early Childhood Music
Annette O'Donnell - Lower School Art  
Merle Passis - Lower School Learning Assistance
Kymberly Showers - Upper School Science  Twitter feed
Tara Skinner - Grade 4 Twitter feed
Ashley Smith - Pre-Kindergarten   Facebook group
Howard Stanley - Middle School Humanities & Athletics Coach
Kelly Strain - Kindergarten
Ron Tain - Upper School Science
Bellamy Taylor-Pines - Grade 2  
 Twitter feed
Judy Wahl - Gifted Coordinator Twitter feed
Denise Wirth - Librarian
Jessi Wunder - Physical Education at all levels & Athletics Coach