Supporting Student Success

Our goal as a college prep school is to develop independent learners who understand their learning styles in order to advocate for themselves and benefit from a variety of educational opportunities. Our team of learning specialists includes a learning specialist in each division and a gifted coordinator who works school-wide.  We work with students in a variety of ways such as one on one assistance, small groups, and push-in for classroom support. One-on-one support is scheduled in advance with families and is offered for an additional service fee while the other areas of support are provided as part of our program.  We develop curriculum and support teachers in the areas of advancement, enrichment, accommodations, and modifications when appropriate.

As the Student Success Team, we embrace diversity in learning styles and understand individual needs.  We work with families, colleagues, and additional professionals including our consulting psychologist to support each student’s unique needs.  We are a school that can serve students with mild to moderate learning differences as well as giftedness, and twice-exceptionality. Our team, in partnership with the family, will evaluate each student's needs and analyze our resources to ensure that we are giving quality attention to their academic career and to determine if Roycemore is the right fit for each student.  We ask families to share any evaluations completed before applying to Roycemore so that we can ensure quality programming for the individual student. If an evaluation has not been completed, we may encourage families to seek further testing to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the student.

Unique support helps a student learn to work with her learning difference and gains admission to Northwestern

Kelly (not actual name) came to Roycemore in middle school and with teacher support she was able to succeed for a long time, however when she came to high school the difficulties intensified. We did some screening and noticed her reading fluency or reading rate was impacted versus her other reading scores.  An outside professional tested her and determined that she had a reading disability.  This helped us to secure accommodations from the ACT and College Board and her scores were strong enough to get her into Northwestern.  Kelly credits Roycemore for making this possible because we supported her in the classroom, helped the family through the evaluation process, and helped her secure accommodations for the college entrance exams.

Through Individual support and the expertise and strong relationships with teachers, a young gifted boy learns the connections between subjects to overcome math challenges

A 3 year old boy joined Roycemore and the teachers immediately noticed he had a beautiful mind.  He was intense yet sweet.  His vocabulary was off the charts and he was curious.  All of these things held true for him in the years ahead as he progressed into our Lower School.  He is so incredibly bright.  

We created a strong bond with both the student and his mother to help him with his over-excitabilities.  We were available to answer her questions on what to do with her intense little boy.  Her boy that began drawing maps of the United States in incredibly, accurate detail at 4 years old, memorizing capitals and water forms and placing them on his maps with accuracy.  He has since moved on to draw maps of the world with all the countries listed and their capitals as well.  In the Early Childhood classrooms, we fed him information on space, maps, animals, poetry, and more.  He absorbed it all.  

This student is the quintessential gifted child.  He excels in many areas, however, math is his "challenge."  He conceptually understands numbers but his mind is "not into" the day to day rote memorization of math facts.  In second grade, he expressed his displeasure of math over and over to his mother.  We had many conversations about how to get him to see that he is great at math--that math is more than numbers.  We looked at several ways to take his fixed mindset and change it to a growth mindset.  He was beginning to see the connection between math, art, science, and even maps, which he loves so much, through projects such as creating your own imaginary world and outline a map, or making slime and apply the ratios of given ingredients to change the recipe, to creating tessellations.

The student no longer fears math.  With a good-natured teacher with the ability to connect with kids and see them and teach them at their level, and with a team coming together to share ideas, collaborate with their families, and make real connections, he is a Roycemore success story.  He is not an outlier and he doesn't have to wait for challenges.  He is in a safe environment that allows him to express himself and meet challenges head-on.  He is with a team of people that care for him and will always strive to meet his needs.  He continues to be happy and a challenged student at Roycemore.  He has many peers with whom he can relate and his teachers understand his insatiable curiosity.