Sprout Camp at Roycemore School
with Judy Wahl
June 25 – July 9

By providing endless opportunities and enriching projects based on the gifted student’s curiosities, you will soon see that your gifted child has found a group of peers that she/he can feel comfortable with and share their vast talents. Ms. Wahl is passionate about gifted education so each day of camp will focus on inspiring, exploratory projects that are open-ended and involve critical thinking, growth mindset, collaboration, and the creative process. Projects are inspired by the student’s interests and curiosities about how things work and evolve. We provide opportunities for individual and collaborative work focusing on social and emotional development. We give the Sprout students chances to share their work and even teach about topics that interest them. The program is multiage K-4 with Middle school students who will be C.I.T.’s and engaged in planning, teaching and engaging the younger students. To register and for more information including price and afternoon camp add-on, contact jwahl@roycemoreschool.org

Sprout Camp is $260.00 and is registered through Sprout, please contact Judy for details.

Cost is $200.00 for the PM camp option and is registered through Roycemore School.