Susie Massey/Kelly Strain
Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten
(Ages 4 – 6)
June 25 – 29 · 8:30 – 11:30am

Experience hands-on cooking and baking activities as we make sweet and savory treats! We will develop social skills and life skills as we work together to create fun dishes. Each day will focus on a different theme and skill, as these little chefs learn some of the most important basic foundations for baking while working as part of a team with their friends and teacher.
This class will double as a manners/etiquette class, as we explore basic table and social manners and practice those skills throughout the week. If your children/child has not yet learned to set a proper table or shake hands the correct way, leave it to us to teach the basics. Let them impress you and your friends, as they place a napkin on their laps and acquire a foundation of social etiquette beyond please and thank you!

Cost $225
Morning and Afternoon camp option $425