Collaboration with Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University

Gifted & talented studentsIn January 2016, we announced that Roycemore School and the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University had embarked upon a collaborative journey. Both organizations hope to combine their expertise in education and their reach in their communities to discover new ways to help even more students to achieve their academic potential. At Roycemore, we feel our approach to teaching mirrors education developed for gifted and talented students in regular classrooms. We think every student deserves to be taught in a gifted style.

The collaboration will include having several of the Center for Talent Development’s programs at Roycemore’s convenient downtown Evanston campus:


The Leapfrog program at CTD provides fast-paced summer classes for children, age 4 through grade 3, who have a keen, early interest in learning. Each Leapfrog class challenges children to delve deeply into an exciting and timely topic, such as computer programming, zoology, playwriting, engineering, or rocket science. Half-day courses are offered morning and afternoon at all grade levels. All-day courses are available to students completing grades 1 through 3.

Program Dates: 

June 26 – July 28, 2017

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The Spark program at CTD provides an exciting academic enrichment experience for gifted students completing grade 3 or 4. Subject areas include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During each weeklong course students explore a topic of interest in depth, develop academic skills, and collaborate with like-minded peers. The one-week structure of the Spark program provides a great introduction to a rigorous academic experience.

Program Dates: 

June 26 – July 28, 2017

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Weekend Enrichment Programs

Weekend Enrichment Programs at Center for Talent Development (CTD) offer challenging and enriching courses for academically talented students age 4 through grade 9. Courses in mathematics, science, technology, English & writing, and social science engage students during eight Saturdays OR eight Sundays in the fall and winter and a six-week term in the spring.

Program dates:
Winter 2017: Jan 14 - March 5
Spring 2017: Apr 8 - May 14

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