College Counseling and Preparation

From the moment they enter the Upper School, future Roycemore graduates and their families begin the very personal process of planning for college with our Coordinator of College Counseling, Stacia Campbell. Ms. Campbell develops a rapport with each student. In consultation with advisors and teachers, Ms. Campbell offers counseling on the best college choices based on each student's personality, desires, and academic record.

Typically, 100% of Roycemore graduates are accepted to colleges of their choice:

  • 95% of the Class of 2017 received at least one merit-based scholarship

  • Average merit scholarship amount of $204,437 per student

  • Students in the Class of 2017 earned over $4.1 million in merit-based scholarships

View admissions successes from the past five years.

Individual Meetings
Ms. Campbell meets individually with students and families as soon as they wish to begin their college conversation. All juniors meet with her at least once during the spring semester and again at least once during the first semester of senior year. Ms. Campbell helps students with any support they seek, from essay proofreading to test prep planning, to researching scholarship opportunities.

Semester-Long Class: Navigating College Admissions - NEW in 2018!
This coming year, Ms. Campbell will teach a pass/no pass course on all the ins and outs of the college admissions process. All juniors are expected to take the course, which culminates in the student creating a draft list of fit schools. The class will meet once a week during the second semester and cover topics including:

  • The philosophies behind finding a “good fit” college

  • Interpreting test scores

  • Researching and applying for supplemental scholarships

  • How to conduct productive and meaningful research on colleges

  • Writing personal and supplemental essays

  • Field trips to colleges and universities in Illinois and Wisconsin

Letter of Recommendation
A distinct advantage to attending a smaller high school is the dedication that goes into finding this "fit" and in crafting a student's letters of recommendation. Each student's letter is tailored to include:

  • Each student’s full portrait - not only who the student is in the classroom but also in the larger Roycemore community

  • Specific anecdotes that reveal the student’s college readiness beyond his or her transcript

  • Details regarding each year's January Short Term project, a unique experience that allows colleges insight into an applicant's interests and initiative