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College Counseling

Individual College Counseling for Every Student Grades 9-12

From the moment they enter the Upper School, future Roycemore graduates and their families begin the very personal process of planning for college with our Coordinator of College Counseling, who builds a rapport with each student. In consultation with advisors and teachers, our College Counselor offers counseling on the best college choices based on each student’s personality, desires, and academic record.

Roycemore's College Counseling Process

In the increasingly selective world of college admissions, there is nothing more important to achieving post-secondary success than careful planning. College counseling services at Roycemore play a vital role in preparing students for higher education and their future careers. Unlike most schools, which typically provide college guidance to only Juniors and Seniors, college counseling at Roycemore is implemented in a robust, 6-year process that is seamlessly integrated into the students’ Middle and Upper School experiences. This includes instances when seventh and eighth-grade families begin long-term college planning. Programming includes “College and Cocktails,” our college information night for parents, Roycemore Alumni Visits, and hosting various college admissions representatives throughout the year.

Phases of the College Counseling Process

Interest Exploration Stage

The College Counselor begins building a foundation with ninth-grade students by exploring a wide variety of academic and extracurricular options. This allows them to adequately reflect on how their strengths and interests may be valuable in pursuing certain career paths. Ninth and tenth-grade students work on refining their initial findings to a smaller group of genuine passions that they can then explore further.

Passion Pursuit Stage

Students begin “testing the waters” and acting on their college research. Eleventh-grade students become more involved with the college planning process as they take on additional roles and activities that align with their interests and showcase their academic expertise or leadership initiatives. Students also begin to familiarize themselves with the college application key elements, scheduling college visits to experience various campuses, and standardized testing. Reflection is imperative to further narrow their top career interests.

Application Development Stage

By the time students start applying to colleges in twelfth grade, the College Counselor helps students reflect on how to match their passions and personalities to different types of colleges and the services they have to offer. They personally guide them through each step of the college application process and how to present their achievements in a compelling and storytelling fashion.

“There is a supportive and accepting community at Roycemore that helped my confidence. I carry that confidence with me now in college and I find that I am comfortable being my goofy self, while still unafraid to voice my opinion.”
— Roycemore Alum, Class of 2019

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