I am an individual. I am not defined by my class rank or my standardized test scores. My teachers listen to what I have to say. They challenge me in ways that I find compelling and relevant. I am an integral part of my school community. I am a Roycemore student.

If students are to achieve their full potential, they need and deserve an educational setting where each is known personally; where coursework is interesting and challenging; where students establish positive relationships with peers and adults; where character development and ethical issues are discussed openly and candidly; and where accountability, self-awareness, and independence are encouraged and nurtured in preparation for success in college and beyond.

Photography Exploration - JST 2015

Bollywood dance practice

What's Roycemore's Upper School like?

By the numbers

  • 93% of Roycemore Upper School students participated in athletics and other extra-curricular activities last year
  • 96% of our 2016 graduates are highly qualified for college writing according to the ACT
  • 35 Roycemore Upper School students completed a total of 67 AP courses in 2015-16. 73% of those exam scores were in the honors range, as compared to the national average of 57%.
  • Each year 10–15% of our Upper Schoolers participate in the Northwestern Option, with dual enrollment at Northwestern University
  • Historically, 100% of our students are accepted to a college or university of their choice:
    • 83% of the Class of 2016 received at least one merit-based scholarship
    • Students in the Class of 2016 earned over $3.6 million in merit-based scholarships
    • Average merit scholarship amount of $153,455 per student