Creating a positive environment with engaging activities helps Middle School students approach learning with the enthusiasm they need to succeed.

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Roycemore's Middle School provides students with educational experiences that address the unique intellectual, social, personal and physical needs of early adolescents. Dedicated and talented teachers maintain a nurturing educational setting characterized by a sense of community, generosity of spirit, and emerging independence and personal responsibility.

Opportunities for student success abound. Faculty members encourage, support and monitor the progress of each child, and possess high expectations for academic and personal growth. Teachers come to know students as individuals with many talents and abilities, while also speaking honestly about areas of challenge. Faculty members establish a collaborative relationship with parents based on an understanding of early adolescence as a challenging but important stage in human development in which academic, personal, and social growth hold equal value in preparing students for future success.

Focused on critical thinking and creativity, our core Middle School curriculum emphasizes how to study, explore, research, and write well. College prep academics are balanced with opportunities for social growth. Frequent after-school activities like a trip to Navy Pier, ice skating at Millennium Park or going to a movie give students a chance to hang out together in a more casual setting. A wide-ranging Creative Arts program lets students choose from unique electives like “The Physics of Roller Coasters” or “Living Green.” Electives like these are a valuable way to enable students to explore new things and broaden their experiences.

Interscholastic basketball, soccer and volleyball begin in Middle School. Sports and other activities are open to everyone and teachers encourage all students to get involved. Combined with daily physical education class and a fun Middle School Olympics program, ample opportunities are provided for releasing energy!