Welcome to Roycemore School

We are a diverse, vibrant preK-12 independent school in the heart of Evanston offering student-centered, differentiated educational opportunities across all grade levels. If you are seeking an environment that engages, challenges, supports, and encourages its students, Roycemore should be of great interest to you.

Scholarship, Integrity, Respect, Community, and Compassion are the core values that guide all of our school’s programs–academic, athletic, co-curricular–to ensure that we, as an institution, strive to bring out the best in all of us, every day. Such an ambitious goal is attainable when students understand clearly what is expected of them and when they work with teachers who are invested in their success, teachers who will work tirelessly to help students meet high standards of effort and behavior.  Effective education is a person-to-person enterprise at Roycemore School, where we are committed to creating productive, affirming relationships between students and teachers.  We believe strongly that students are far less likely to disappoint teachers whose respect they value, and in that process, students are unlikely then to disappoint themselves.

From Roycemore School, our students can go anywhere, and a look at our college list reveals that fact. Even more important is the daily experience of learning and growing in a culture of encouragement where everybody is somebody every day, anonymity is not an option, and mutual respect forms the basis of all relationships. This can only happen when teachers, students, and parents work together to form a strong sense of community and therein lies the strength and the advantage of becoming a member of our school family.

Please contact our admissions office and schedule a visit to see our school in action and experience what a powerfully positive environment we offer to our students. It may be just what you have been looking for!


Clark J. Daggett
Interim Headmaster