College Counseling and Preparation

From the moment they enter the Upper School, future Roycemore graduates and their families begin the very personal process of planning for college with our Coordinator of College Counseling, Stacia Campbell. Ms. Campbell seeks to develop a rapport with each student, and, in consultation with advisors and teachers, offers counseling on the best college choices based on each student's personality, desires, and academic record. A distinct advantage to attending a smaller high school is the dedication that goes into finding this "fit" and in crafting a student's recommendations. Each student's file also includes details regarding each year's January Short Term project, a unique experience that allows colleges insight into an applicant's interests and initiative.

Typically 100% of Roycemore's graduates are accepted to colleges of their choice across the country. View a current list

Doing college-level work with Advanced Placement classes
Roycemore's Advanced Placement Program consists of college level courses based on course descriptions approved by the College Board for highly motivated students. Roycemore offers college level work in Studio Art, Biology, Calculus AB and BC, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, French Language, U.S. Government and Politics, European History, Physics, Spanish Language and U.S. History.

In June of 2017, 47 Upper Schoolers had completed 93 college level Advanced Placement courses at Roycemore.

College classes at Northwestern University
Taking classes for full college credit through a reciprocal arrangement with Northwestern University is one of the most valuable and exciting opportunities available to qualified Roycemore Upper School students. To qualify, a student must have completed the Roycemore curriculum within a discipline and have received the recommendation of the department and the Upper School Division Head. In recent years, students have taken courses in history, mathematics, science, foreign languages, political science, economics, philosophy and English at Northwestern University.

By June of 2017, current Roycemore Upper Schoolers had completed 31 quarters of study at Northwestern University.

Personal support with our student advisory program
Our active, thoughtful advisory process encourages, aids, and guides the student in recognizing and fulfilling his or her potential. Each student chooses a faculty adviser at the beginning of the academic year, and the two work closely together all year long. The relationship focuses on two broad categories of school related issues. First, advisers help students with academic planning. This includes selecting appropriate courses for each semester, designing annual January Short Term projects, and formulating college plans. Second, advisers work with students in less structured areas which could include helping them to set realistic long- and short-term goals, evaluating their progress, developing strong study habits, being involved in extracurricular activities, and in general budgeting their time and energy in order to respond most effectively to the multitude of demands placed on them. Each week, students with a common adviser meet together. As a small group, they discuss a weekly topic with relevance to adolescents, intended to promote empathy, thinking about ethics, and sound decision-making. Students and their parents are free to consult with any member of the faculty and administration, but they are likely to turn to advisers first. Advisers submit formal written reports to parents twice per year—once each semester.