Did you know?

Roycemore first opened its doors on October 6, 1915. Our founding Head of School, Julia Henry, named the school after her beloved grandfather, Andrew Royce. Roycemore’s mascot, the Griffin, has represented the school since day one, and its motto Fortis et Prudens Simul loosely translates “strength and wisdom come from careful judgement,” and also came from the Royce family.

Our Palio tradition reaches back to 1920 when students first demonstrated their physical education, athletic and dance skills. Each class will proudly present its banner, which they carry throughout their time at Roycemore, and in 12th grade, pass it on to the students of Kindergarten.

Do you remember your class banner? Save the date for this year’s Palio on March 16, 2018!

Milestone Reunions

Planning a reunion? Would you like to include a tour of the new school or see what the old building holds today? We can help and we would love to see you. Contact Sara Keely McGuire at 847-866-6055 or smcguire@roycemoreschool.org.

In the academic year 2017–2018, many milestone reunions are possible, including:

50 years – 1967 or 1968
40 years – 1977 or 1978
25 years – 1992 or 1993
20 years – 1997 or 1998

Even if you are not celebrating a milestone, Roycemore is always glad to hear from Griffins! We would love to help you find ways to stay connected to your classmates and Roycemore.